The Power Of Three

I’m now on holidays from work for the Christmas break and I decided to make good use of this time – cleaning my room, catching up on my back log of hand washing, listen to the new Taylor Swift album (my secret shame!) reading all the magazines I’ve bought and set aside for later… all really glamorous activities, naturally.

What I’ve also been doing.. is catching up on those parts of my childhood that I have apparently missed!

The 90’s seem to have been a pinnacle moment for the ol’ girly witch movie. Now, I have a feeling that the reason I haven’t seen these cult classics is due to the fact that I’m a bit of a delicate flower, and always have been (as I type this I wear my witchiest choker… it’s white daisies with pink crystals – how wicked!). I dare say my mother deemed these movies too frightful for young Lexie!

As I neared my teens, I did develop my own witchy inclinations – there’s definitely an appeal for any young lass who wishes she could change her appearance, summon a unicorn, or whip up a love spell when things are simply not going her way!

I can remember asking my mother if she would purchase a small pink square of a book for me; “5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Witch”. She dubiously studied the cover while sternly informing me that I simply would NOT be brewing up potions in the backyard, and that it was all a silly business.

In any case, I had a grand old time with my next door neighbour thinking up witchy things to do.. and the interest in witchy tricks has never left me!


So  thought I’d indulge in a few of the classics, all of which I hadn’t seen until the last couple of weeks!

Let’s start with my favourite of the three (with the power of three by three – let them see, let them see….)!

practical_magic_rejected Practical-Magic-practical-magic-6121185-1800-1202

1) Practical Magic (1998)

Nothing like a doomed love story to get you hooked! The super beautiful Owens sisters draw on their combined strength to break the old family curse and ensure they can live happily ever after (cause that’s what it’s all about, right?)

DPAA010 ZN471

2) Hocus Pocus (1993) 

Now this one is Disney so it’s not quite so scary, but the Sanderson Sisters are stiiiilll pretty freaky! For me, Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson really made this movie. She’s quite the contrast to her gurning and bucktoothed sisters, Mary and Winnie respectively. Super sexy and with the most beautiful blonde hair, SJP makes being a horrid, dead-mans-toe eating witch look like a pretty hot deal.


3) The Craft (1993)

The Craft is easily the scariest of this wicked trio, mixed with the schoolgirl-cool style of the four young teenage witches. They are everything you could wish to be… until it starts getting super creepy and things get serious. Such a good watch though – this will never get old.

If there are any other cult classics I’ve missed and that I should be watching… please leave me a comment and let me know!


photo by Missy

Lexie x


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