Nature’s cosmetic surgery

Every year as winter draws to a close, I become more and more excited for Summer to arrive. With this excitement however, brings the realisation that my three months of hot snuggly comfort food and lazy hibernation-style activity brings a three layers of clothing level of oblivion. Last years attempt at a ‘summer body’ has left me, and I need to start from scratch. Okay, maybe worse than scratch… My next fear is more body part specific… the largest body part in fact. My skin! It’s so much harder to keep my skin clear in summer – what with the perspiration, open pores, shaving legs way more often, fake tanning, the list goes on! My saviour came to me in a small green sachet this Summer 🙂

Vida Glow!

I discovered Vida Glow on instagram, now being shared by the likes of instababes such as @mahilamendez and @earthlingpaige. I applied for an ambassadorship and the lovely Vida gals sent me a pack to try. This was the first time I have used a product like this before and I was excited to see what it could do for me 🙂

Vida Glow is an all natural marine collagen, with no nasty artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is tasteless and odourless, making it super easy to add to your smoothies, coffee, or porridge!

I fit Vida Glow into my routine by adding it to my lemon juice and water in the morning, and my drinking water during the day. It’s flavourless, and once stirred into your drink of choice, it disappears!! Brilliant for someone like me who cannot handle supplements or tablets of any kind. It also didn’t upset my (extremely temperamental) digestive system, so it’s nice and gentle on your tummy 🙂 Gluten, dairy, fat, sugar, everything free! All natural, from the beautiful ocean. Nature has so much to offer us! Within a couple of weeks I noticed a change in my hair, and shortly after, my skin as well!  My hair became so soft and light, and my skin was smooth and dewy. Make up application became a breeze, most days I skipped it in favour of a tinted moisturiser.

Make-up free! Just my eyebrows filled in, and a tinted moisturiser applied with a sponge.

I have also barely straightened my hair in the last couple of months, opting instead to let it hang in natural waves, as the frizz-level was not at a high (thank heavens!!).

Happy hair! Plus clearer & smoother skin 🙂
Makeup application made so much easier ❤


I even noticed a difference with my fake tan (both spray, and self applied). There were less dry patches, and the tan lasted a few extra days. Thank you Vida Glow, for easing my Summer woes! For more information check out Vida Glow’s website here and their Instagram for tips and inspo pics!

Lexie x


2 thoughts on “Nature’s cosmetic surgery”

  1. 🙂 This product sounds wonderful. The sea holds many secrets – I am happy she has given this one up. I am definitely going to try this 🙂

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