Body Appreciation Post Pt I

Everyone has their insecurities… I know I certainly have a few up my sleeve. But intermittently, I am able to rein these in and remember to be grateful to have a healthy, active, and functional body – when it chooses to behave itself, that is!

One body part I have always been okay with, are my hands.



I’ve often struggled with feeling too tall, or having bigger feet than all my high school girlfriends, or feeling a bit too clumsy with my big hips. But I never minded having long, lanky hands!

These hands have held my friends and family close, have stroked my dog Lacey when we said our final goodbye, they’ve reached the piano and flute keys (yet never mastered the guitar) and they have guided my horse Sarah safely when I would ride in the afternoon sunshine. Nowadays these hands of mine have become essential to my everyday adult life in the workplace and in my home, they support me in my yoga practice, and they carry my groceries so I can cook and nourish my body.

Essentially my hands facilitate the nourishment of my body, my heart, and my mind.

Many of us don’t realise how lucky we are to have our health, it is so important and one day, it could be all that you have.

Day by day I learn to appreciate a little bit more about myself, it’s a hard task to unlearn all that we have been bombarded with by advertisements and television programmes that suggest that there shall forever be room for improvement.

But we must start somewhere!

Please share your body appreciation in the comments below… and don’t forget to love yourself ❤


Lexie x


Lexie the Rainbow Unicorn

The Millyjane Blog

I’ve photographed Lexie a number of times – and she really is one of my favourite ladies ever to photograph! I have her on instagram, and when I saw her selfie with pastel pink and teal unicorn hair, I got in touch straight away to organise a personal shoot. She’s also an awesome fashion blogger – Lexie Lou

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Kay
Dress by Damsel in this Dress
Flower Crown made by myself with flowers from Northside Flower Market


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Fairies are real…

I wish!

I had the pleasure of playing dress ups with two of the most creatively talented people I know, Milly Jane and Sarah Kay.

I finally had the opportunity to wear my beautiful gown from
Damsel In This Dress which I had made to my size after meeting Melina at the South Bank markets. I seriously adore this dress!!









I had so much fun at this shoot! Hope you all enjoy the photos 🙂



Lexie x

Creative photography by Millyjane Photography
Hair styling and make up by Makeup By Sarah Kay
Custom hair colour by Scissors, Paper, Rock Salon
Dress by Damsel In This Dress

Glebe; my long distance love!

I’m finally back in beautiful Sydney-town, in one of my favourite places in Australia. Glebe has the sweetest little nooks and crannies, and plenty of trendy spots to grab coffee and a bite. I’m always happy here! It’s closely bordered by many other unique suburbs with so much to offer! Never a dull day 🙂

After visiting The Wedge for a coffee Heather & I headed to the Glebe Markets. Found a few little treats including this beautiful crystal aura necklace.


Heading back to my brother’s car I finally got to see the a Adventure Time street art in person!



Heather then took these lovely shots for me, and you can see more of her work here.



Can’t wait for the week ahead!

Lexie x

Mossman ‘Quest For Perfection’ Dress
Wittner Shoes
Faux fur bag from Sunday Social
Vintage coat from eBay Australia