Ch-Ch-Check it out!

I dropped in to visit my favourite slow-fashion movement friends at Ra Ra Superstar last weekend, to try on the adorable new matchy-matchy sets that they have in store!

You might be wondering why I often rabbit on about sustainable or slow fashion, the short story is that it ties in with how I plan to live my life. The less of a negative impact I can make on this world and on the environment – the better!

Modern society is so fast paced that we have no chance of keeping up with the latest and greatest of everything (yet we need it ALL now!). As a result we are churning through mass produced, low quality products that fast become landfill, and we are depleting our natural resources at a rapid rate. 😦 Boo.

Kathy (the creative genius behind Ra Ra Superstar) helps to reduce the human footprint on our planet Earth by creating cute new clothes out of vintage fabrics and clothing, and reselling fabulously quirky one of a kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

So you better get in quick – outfits new and old don’t stick around for too long at Ra Ra Superstar. Make sure you head on over to the Facebook page cause you don’t want miss a thang!







Top, skirt, socks & necklace all from Ra Ra Superstar.

Shop online here or head in-store!

Lexie x

P.S. This post is not sponsored, I just genuinely freakin’ love Ra Ra ❤


Lexie Lou Turns One!

Happy birthday to you, Lexie Lou!

May 10th, 2014 I took the plunge and starting posting my thoughts online for the first time ever! I was an avid Instagrammer from day dot… and I was ready to take the next step and commit to blogging! Read my first ever post here.

A year later Lexie Lou is still small, but growing every day! I’m celebrating my blog birthday with a lovely giveaway to thank my friends, family and followers for being a part of it.

A few of the wonderful local labels I regularly collaborate with have joined in on the birthday celebrations and have provided the following delightful trinkets 😀

The first giveaway (drawn today!) includes:

A succulent planter from Beton Designs
A $40 voucher from The Dairy
A $40 voucher from The Dairy

My second giveaway has more of a sparkly theme, and includes:

Earrings & a mermaid hair clip from Dinosaurs For Tea
Earrings & a mermaid hair clip from Dinosaurs For Tea
Rainbow Pom Pom Hairband from Chip The Teacup
Rainbow Pom Pom Hairband from Chip The Teacup

Just head to my Instagram to find out how you can win!

Thank you all once again for supporting me and following my adventures, I appreciate all of you who make Lexie Lou possible 🙂 ❤


Lexie x

Autumn Ambles

When the winter-y months roll around, I’m generally not too happy about it.

Exhibit A…

I do however adore these in-between months of cool mornings and beautiful sunshine worth basking in (without breaking a sweat).

I’ve been making sure I take a walk everyday on my lunch break this week, just to break up the office monotony and to get my blood pumping again. The brisk wind has certainly helped me get moving in an attempt to warm up!!

The warm and cozy coffee shops are calling me…




Dress: Runway Scout

Shoes: Corelli

Cardigan: Gorman

Scarf: Sportsgirl

Hairband: Chip The Teacup

Lexie x

Sea clouds

Early this morning my mother roused the family from our sleep to head down to Elephant Rock for the Dawn Service. 

Hundreds of people had gathered on the beach to pay their respects and spend time remembering those who gave their lives for our country. 

Watching the sun rise over the sea as the bugle played was a moving background for the scenes of Gallipoli that were playing in my mind’s eye. 


We Will Remember Them. 


After brekkie and a nap I’m now laying on the beach staring at the clouds as they drift on by. They look close enough to touch today! 

There’s nowhere I’d rather be than laying on the beach in the last scrap of sunshine before winter is truly upon us. 



Lexie x

Busy little bumblebee 

In my experience, things always happen all at once! And this time of year has been no exception. 

I love to keep myself busy and I’ve taken on some extra work, but this means Lexie Lou has been getting a little neglected (but not for long)! I have some very exciting things planned for next month… Including my very first giveaway for Lexie Lou’s first birthday! Watch this space 😉

The colder weather brings a whole new world of fashion and accessorizing, and I’m so ready to get snuggled back up in my fluffy favourites.


Jumper: Dissh

Dress: Black Milk Clothing 

Shoes: Tony Bianco  

The in-between months are my absolute favourites, what’s your favourite time of year?  

Lexie x

Friday Shreds

Happy Friday darlings!

Today I’m busting out an old favourite for an after work drinks event… my Black Milk Clothing “Shredder Dress”.

Now if I’m honest… I forgot that I even owned this. I have way too many clothes – and I’ve culled significant amounts from my wardrobe in the past two years!! They tend to somehow accumulate again rather quickly… Hmm 😛

This dress is super flattering and very versatile. When in doubt.. wear black!


What’s your go-to piece for Friday afternoon fun times?

Lexie x

Happy Egg Day!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful long weekend, even if it is a bit wet!

Easter is my second fave favourite holiday, after all the fuss of Christmas I often forget about it and then it creeps on up… bonus holiday!

As I don’t have much (if any) dairy, Easter has always been a bit alternative for me 😛 This year I found some adorable macarons at The Standard Market and I decided they would be my naughty treat for the holiday. They’re so cute – how could I resist them?!

Feathers – Alannah Hill // Succulent – Beton 

I also received a very special and sparkly parcel from my lovely new friends at Chip The Teacup just before the Easter break… I am very excited to show you what lovely surprises I received!

Here’s a teaser…


Don’t forget to check out the new Shop My Wardrobe page, I’ll be uploading great quality items at bargain prices!

Happy holidays to you all, make sure you tell me what delicious treats you’ve all been feasting on, so that I may live vicariously through you! 😛
Lexie x