Les Bubbles

I guiltily noticed recently that an astounding two months had passed since I’d made a new post! Rest assured I hadn’t forgotten about poor old Lexie Lou, but in that two months I’ve been busy as always.

After coming home from a two week holiday in Perth for my best friend’s wedding, I was soon back into the swing of things… working my two jobs, preparing to move house, and trying to catch up on my ironing :/

I decided to make some time for my love and I to have a night out on our own. The first restaurant that popped into my head was Les Bubbles, a Parisian steakhouse in Fortitude Valley that had been popping up all over my Facebook newsfeed.

We got all gussied up in our finest, and off we went!




Les Bubbles do things a little bit differently to other restaurants… they offer one main that they know they do well! Quality grass fed beef is chargrilled to medium rare perfection, and the most delicious fries (or as we say at Les Bubbles, frites) grace your plate. And did I mention the frites are bottomless?!

I requested gluten free bread with my entree of a warm leaf salad and was pleasantly surprised with a fresh, thickly cut slice that delighted my tastebuds (with a light slather of butter :P). To keep my meal FODMAP friendly I refrained from ordering any sauce to accompany my steak. I also paired my meal with a delicious Chandon Rose which went down a treat! It would have been rude not to order bubbles 😉

They also offer vegetarian and pescatarian options, so all will feel comfortable at this steakhouse. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming whilst keeping it’s funky edge, and was certainly somewhere I would recommend for families, couples, young and old alike!



Our food was delicious, and the service was spectacular. We will certainly be back for more!

Dress: Camilla
Shoes: Forever New
Clutch: Target

Lexie x


Lexie Lou Turns One!

Happy birthday to you, Lexie Lou!

May 10th, 2014 I took the plunge and starting posting my thoughts online for the first time ever! I was an avid Instagrammer from day dot… and I was ready to take the next step and commit to blogging! Read my first ever post here.

A year later Lexie Lou is still small, but growing every day! I’m celebrating my blog birthday with a lovely giveaway to thank my friends, family and followers for being a part of it.

A few of the wonderful local labels I regularly collaborate with have joined in on the birthday celebrations and have provided the following delightful trinkets 😀

The first giveaway (drawn today!) includes:

A succulent planter from Beton Designs
A $40 voucher from The Dairy
A $40 voucher from The Dairy

My second giveaway has more of a sparkly theme, and includes:

Earrings & a mermaid hair clip from Dinosaurs For Tea
Earrings & a mermaid hair clip from Dinosaurs For Tea
Rainbow Pom Pom Hairband from Chip The Teacup
Rainbow Pom Pom Hairband from Chip The Teacup

Just head to my Instagram to find out how you can win!

Thank you all once again for supporting me and following my adventures, I appreciate all of you who make Lexie Lou possible 🙂 ❤


Lexie x

Fish out of water: my first photoshoot

There’s something about the eye of a camera lens that can instantly cause discomfort. In many cases it’s simply just an awkwardness, or a self-conscious reaction. I know this is certainly true in my case!

When I was a bit younger, if a camera were to point my way I would shrink back, my hands would fly up in front of my face, and I would protest; “no no! I look gross!”. This is a pretty standard teenage reaction. It takes a long time (if not a lifetime) to gain that confidence, and ease with simply being who you are.

I was nineteen years old when I won a photo shoot with Millyjane Photography. I had never done anything like this before, nor had I ever thought about it. I was equally excited and nervous for my first ever shoot with a professional photographer.

I was definitely lacking in the self confidence arena – my skin was troublesome and I’d begun to work hard to get into shape to recover from the last few years of eating takeaway, going through puberty and not getting enough sleep (oh, to be young again!).

How very lucky I was to work with a pair of extremely kind and unbelievably creative people for my first shoot! Milly’s photography always blows me away, it’s as if she sees things from an entirely different perspective to any one else on this planet. Just as a true photographer should 🙂

Sarah is a dab hand at creative makeup, she has an amazing eye for colours and her work is precise and professional. I now call on Sarah whenever I need professional makeup applications! You can book in with her or any of the wonderful MAC makeup artists by calling MAC Garden City.

Here’s a behind the scenes video to show how we created the below portraits, plus a range of the different shots taken that day!


mermaidshoot mermaidshoot mermaidshoot

Lexie x