Date Night

Saturday night had finally rolled around and I was super excited… cause my loverboy had planned a date night to celebrate our moving in together šŸ™‚

The weather was super blustery but nice and warm, so we trotted off to Eat Street to sample our favourite treats. We hit up Eat Street all the time as it’s so much easier for everyone to choose what they are craving, and it’s always reasonably priced.

Now, I’m a creature of habit… so I get the same thing every time!

I start with sweet potato chips, then sip on an iced tea, and stop by Gluten Off on the way out to pick up a GF cinnamon donut.

I wore my new Annalee Jumpsuit from The ParlaĀ which was perfect for this weather! Nice and light to keep me cool, and no need to fret about my hem line blowing up, up & away in the wind šŸ˜‰

Ā Ā 

As well as my traditional cinnamon donut, I also took home a GF Twix Bix! Gooey, caramelly, biscuit perfection.


Jumpsuit: The Parla
Shoes: Target
Tan: Loving Tan

What are your favourite Eat Street nibbles? Comment below and inspire me to try something new! šŸ˜›

Lexie x


Ch-Ch-Check it out!

I dropped in to visit my favourite slow-fashion movement friends at Ra Ra Superstar last weekend, to try on the adorable new matchy-matchy sets that they have in store!

You might be wondering why I often rabbit on about sustainable or slow fashion, the short story is thatĀ it ties in with how I planĀ to live my life. The less of a negative impact I can make on this world and on the environment – the better!

Modern society is so fast paced that we have no chance of keeping up with the latest and greatest of everything (yet we need it ALL now!). As a result we are churning through mass produced, low quality products that fastĀ become landfill, and we are depleting our natural resources at a rapid rate. šŸ˜¦ Boo.

Kathy (the creativeĀ genius behindĀ Ra Ra Superstar)Ā helps to reduce the human footprint on our planet EarthĀ by creating cute new clothes out of vintage fabrics and clothing, and reselling fabulously quirky one of a kindĀ pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

So you better get in quick – outfits new and old don’t stick around for too longĀ at Ra Ra Superstar. Make sure you head on over to theĀ Facebook page causeĀ you don’t want miss a thang!







Top, skirt, socks & necklace all from Ra Ra Superstar.

Shop online here or head in-store!

Lexie x

P.S. This post is not sponsored, I just genuinely freakin’ love Ra Ra ā¤