March on

Mid way through the month of March I was complaining that I “never had time to read” now that I was an adult.

As a child and through my teenage years I was constantly devouring book after book at every waking moment. I remember Mum would often lament her own lack of reading time.

I thought the notion of “not having time to read” was unimaginable. And then… I grew up. Full time work, part time study, exercise, housework and more now fill my days, and like nearly every other privileged person on the planet I have a hideous Facebook addiction that consumes my spare moments.

I decided to commit myself to slowly replace my online time with quality reading time, and to conquer at least one book per month.

I have begun my challenge with The Queen’s Necklace by Alexandre Dumas, and although I didn’t complete it within the month as planned, the simple pleasure of once again making reading a regular habit is enough of a win for one day 🙂

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, or have some reading recommendations for me, please leave a comment below!


Happy reading,

Lexie x



Create Your Space

I recently moved out of my family home for about the fourth time in my young life, this time feels decidedly more ‘grown up’ (and about time, really).

I moved my belongings out in a slow manner this time, moving them into my best friends house one bag at a time, testing how much of my clothing, accessories and make up et cetera I could go without. As it turns out there were many things I didn’t miss at all. And I became quite enamoured with the idea of creating your living space to best facilitate your own happiness and comfort. All the while keeping it relevant to your current lifestyle.

I wanted to create a space that was calm, comforting and stress free. This is a new era of my life and a fresh start! Here’s the beginning of my space.







And some inspiration concepts…







Natural living spaces, combining earth elements with minimalist ice modern details are my main inspirations for future habitat designs!






Hope you’re all feeling as inspired as I am!

Lexie x