My first fashion icon

My mother was my first ever fashion icon, and remains one of my number one style inspirations.


My mother is one of those rare people who always look perfectly put together. Her clothes are immaculately washed and pressed, and even if she has been in the office all day or running errands, she never gets creased or crinkled. Is she wearing magic fabrics? She never even ladders her stockings.

I wonder all the time if I will ever be as neat and delicate as my mother, however she has a slighter frame and is much more cautious and controlled in her movements. I’m more like an exploding frazzle-bomb with too many things running through my head, and too much to do. This translates directly to clumsiness… and some crinkles in my clothes.

Not only has my mother been a wonderful role model for excellent self-presentation, she has also given me the support and advice that is so necessary for any young lady becoming a woman. Mama bear always let me choose clothes and outfits to express my own style, but did not hold back from tactfully advising me when my outfits did not suit my shape, or if they were inappropriate for a certain event.

Growing up I, along with my brothers, was also taught proper dinner table manners and everyday etiquette (along with many other practical life skills). For this I truly am grateful – these are skills I have been able to apply in my adult life and they are so important! So many people nowadays do not possess these skills, but I am so glad that I do. That is probably because I’m trapped in a Jane Austen novel in my head… I was so born in the wrong era!

Happy birthday Mum, thanks for being the best mother I could ever have ❤


Lexie x