A different kind of hello

As a (willing) victim of 21st century technology, I am just as addicted to social media as the next person. So when new social networks appear on the scene, I’m keen to dip my toes in straight away!

Meet Ello!


Ello was originally designed for a small group of creatives who wanted an online network for their communications and creations. But as more and more people heard about this new network, they wanted to be involved! Private Ello was just not built for this number of people, and public Ello was born!

I adore any avenue to discover what new artwork, adventures or aspirations are unfolding in the lives of different people around the world, so I immediately signed up for updates. Soon the chance came along for Lexie Lou to join Ello.

Ello is free forever, advertisement free, and is constantly being improved and updated.

I la-la-love Ello already 🙂

Find me here!

Lexie x