Ferngully Fairy… Part One

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

I’m increasingly frightened by how fast this year has been passing us by.. eek! Anyone have any tips to slow down time? Even just a little?!

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m all about the slow life! Slow living, slow eating and of course the slow fashion movement! This has been quite a journey for me, as you have to reset your whole approach and mindset when it comes to consuming.

To slow down my weekend, I recently spent some time at the beautiful Mt Coot-Tha Botanical Gardens with my brother to soak up some natural vibes 🙂

I wore my gorgeous Chip The Teacup dress… which really stood out and I certainly got a few looks!

If you haven’t heard of Chip The Teacup, you can check out their gorgeous unicorn and mermaid worthy attire HERE. They are also on Facebook and (my personal fave) Instagram.

CTT love the slow fashion movement just as much as I do, with each piece lovingly handmade to last in beautiful Lennox Head, NSW. The quality is exactly what you would expect from something locally made with love, with the sizing definitely being a true fit and flattering!

Full outfit details will be included at the bottom of this post 🙂





Dress: Chip The Teacup 
Earrings: Dinosaurs For Tea
Shoes: Solestruck
Handbag: Queen Shop

Photography by Michael Mamo

Lexie x

P.S. Although I may receive some items as gifts from my local fairy friends, I never endorse anything that I don’t truly adore!


Pastel Play Time

Hello lovers! This my my third and final set of photos (for now!!) from my latest visit to Ra Ra Superstar.

My first outfit pictured here was a bit more cutesy-punk and features an adorable mini skirt made from recycled denim. A really flattering little piece that you could wear out to a party or during the day to a picnic!

The sheer socks are super soft and too cute to be believed. And to spice up any outfit, why not grab a giant eyeball pom pom hairband? Such a unique piece!!


I couldn’t resist this wee little set – a combination of florals and pastels…. we all know they are two of my very favourite things! The neckline on this top is super sweet, and it has a cross-over back for those who like to show a little skin 🙂




I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few posts on sustainable fashion, I’d love to hear how you make fashion eco-friendly! Let me know by commenting below 🙂

Lexie x

A Fairy’s Tale; part two

Happy Friday lovers!

Welcome to part two of my post featuring Ra Ra Superstar 🙂

Once I was kitted out in my next outfit, we explored a little further and found a quiet backstreet to take some snaps.

Another of my favourites of the day, this boxy crop is a perfect weekend piece you can mix and match with your wardrobe.




Here I am wearing a super bright vintage swimsuit, and a vintage denim skirt that caught my eye immediately with it’s adorable pocket bow details. I’m loving the washed out bleached colour – it’s perfect for summer denim.




You can shop these one-off pieces & accessories in store at Ra Ra Superstar 🙂

Shoes:  Solestruck

What’s your favourite piece so far?


Lexie x

A Fairy’s Tale; part one

Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of visiting Ra Ra Superstar again to check out some delightful new gear!

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked down the cutesy pink pathway exploding with colour, lined with racks upon racks of clothing – this feels like home!

My first outfit started with a satin flowing crop top that made me feel like a fairy queen! We paired it with a sparkly squishy fishy necklace (it was love at first sight!) and a flirty tie die skirt.

Keep on scrolling and explore the back alleys of beautiful Paddington with me as I frolic about in adorable frocks 😛










Shop this look!
Float Away Boho Top: here @ Ra Ra Superstar
Berry Blast Circle Skirt: here @ Ra Ra Superstar
Tickle Tackle Necklace: here @ Ra Ra Superstar
Flowers For Days Headband: here @ Ra Ra Superstar

Shoes: Wittner

So much fun! More looks to come… stay tuned 😉

Lexie x

Fish out of water: my first photoshoot

There’s something about the eye of a camera lens that can instantly cause discomfort. In many cases it’s simply just an awkwardness, or a self-conscious reaction. I know this is certainly true in my case!

When I was a bit younger, if a camera were to point my way I would shrink back, my hands would fly up in front of my face, and I would protest; “no no! I look gross!”. This is a pretty standard teenage reaction. It takes a long time (if not a lifetime) to gain that confidence, and ease with simply being who you are.

I was nineteen years old when I won a photo shoot with Millyjane Photography. I had never done anything like this before, nor had I ever thought about it. I was equally excited and nervous for my first ever shoot with a professional photographer.

I was definitely lacking in the self confidence arena – my skin was troublesome and I’d begun to work hard to get into shape to recover from the last few years of eating takeaway, going through puberty and not getting enough sleep (oh, to be young again!).

How very lucky I was to work with a pair of extremely kind and unbelievably creative people for my first shoot! Milly’s photography always blows me away, it’s as if she sees things from an entirely different perspective to any one else on this planet. Just as a true photographer should 🙂

Sarah is a dab hand at creative makeup, she has an amazing eye for colours and her work is precise and professional. I now call on Sarah whenever I need professional makeup applications! You can book in with her or any of the wonderful MAC makeup artists by calling MAC Garden City.

Here’s a behind the scenes video to show how we created the below portraits, plus a range of the different shots taken that day!


mermaidshoot mermaidshoot mermaidshoot

Lexie x


I recently had the pleasure of helping out my pal Millie Tang with a lovely photoshoot she dreamed up, inspired by an exceedingly sweet house in Paddington.

She brought along an array of quirky and colourful outfits from local vintage & up-cycle queens, Ra Ra Superstar. All Ra Ra designs are made from recycled or vintage fabrics, and who doesn’t love sustainable fashion?? Buttheads, that’s who!

With the help of Megan Farquharson for hair and makeup, I was transported back in time in this ethereal series of dreamy photographs.






Beautiful photography by the extremely creative Millie Tang – you can check out her work here or on Facebook.

Cruelty free creative make up application by Megan Farquharson

Green maxi skirt: TopShop
Tulle gown: Custom order from Damsel In This Dress
Custom hair colour: Scissors, Paper, Rock Salon
All other clothing: Ra Ra Superstar

Lexie x

Polka dot princess

I got to dress up in one of my favourite outfits at my last shoot with Millyjane Photography . I adore this skirt, and its so versatile – goes with everything! After we finished the fairy princess shoot we played around in the industrial area surrounding Milly’s studio.

Hope you enjoy them, it was so much fun to shoot 🙂 I miss this colourful hair!










Photography: Millyjane
Hair styling and makeup: Sarah Kay MUA
Custom hair colour: Scissors, Paper, Rock Salon
Top and skirt: TopShop
Shoes: Wittner

Lexie x